Q+A Call Recording: Friday 19th October, Business Supremacy with The EBG, John McCulloch

Discover what 7 things you can start doing in your business today to increase your profits!

Listen to Europe’s most expensive copywriter and Connectionsb2b’s own, Jon McCulloch as we cover:

  • creating content and staying at the forefront of peoples’ consciousness (people buy when they want to buy, not when you want to sell)
  • the dramatic difference following up can make to your conversion rate (as much as 80%)
  • why it is so important to know who your target market is, communicate with them effectively and build a ‘transformational’ not a ‘transactional’ relationship with them 
  • raising your prices and the significant impact this can have and why you won’t find as much resistance as you perhaps anticipate
  • Premier pricing and Premium Position.  How to become the expert and ‘go to person’ in your profession and the added benefits this will yield for you
  • ensuring you get your personality across and you connect with the right people (Polarisation); &
  • the Pareto Principle (80:20 Principle), plus much more

Jon’s Business Supremacy Course retails at £997.  As a Connectionsb2b Member you can hear some of the valuable content shared and discussed in detail here in today’s call as part of your membership.

Catch on today’s call by listening below and discover how you increase your profits now!  Enjoy!

Skip to 14 seconds in to hear the beginning of the call.