Q+A Call Recording: Monday 22nd October 2018, How to Write Your Book with Vicky Fraser

Catch up on yesterday’s call where we were joined by copy writing expert and book writing extraordinaire, Vicky Fraser and find out how you too can write your very own book and position yourself as the ‘expert’ and ‘go to’ person in your industry.

During the call we discussed why writing your own book is essential to marketing and growing your business and how it can be used to differentiate you from your peers thus avoiding the ‘price war’.  We also covered why it is possible for any business owner in any industry to write their own book…even if they don’t think they or their industry is interesting enough!

If you missed the call or were unable to join us live make sure you catch up and find out from Vicky how you can begin to write your own book, the key points you need to considered when beginning the process and how to effectively market your book to maximise the benefit for both you and your business, plus:

  • getting started and moving past your excuses
  • bit by bit – it doesn’t have to be War & Peace
  • the importance of your personality and being you (be genuine and authentic.  It will make you unique)
  • what is your message and what do you want to achieve with your book? (You’re unlikely to become the next J. K. Rowling!)
  • know your perfect reader
  • it is more than a book.  It is your business card, a connection with your audience
  • building a list and building relationships
  • utilising reviews to assist you with assessing what is and isn’t working in the market place and what is missing.  Is this a gap you can fill?

So, if you missed the call listen below at your leisure.  We hope you enjoy