Q+A Call Recording: Wednesday 17th October, Health & Nutrition with Phil Agostino

If the thought of physical exercise or stepping foot in a gym puts the fear of God into you because you don’t know where or how to begin, or you simply don’t like the way you look and feel with your health & nutrition then this is the call for you.

Today, certified coach,  nutrition expert, speaker, author and ‘go-to’ fitness coach for the busy business owner, Phil Agostino joined Ashley to discuss his 5 Shifts Module in greater depth and detail, and really got to the root of what stands in the way of us looking and feeling how we want to.

There were many great questions throughout the call ranging from where to begin, how to find the motivation, what to look for when thinking about joining a gym and getting a personal trainer, whether fasting works and much, much more.  We also looked at the importance of Calorie Deficit, why dieting doesn’t have to be so restrictive and why it is essential to go deeper and find your driving motivator in order to improve your fitness.  On top of all of this, we delved into the vital role health & nutrition plays in improving not only your business, but your life.

It was such an intriguing and informative call that we actually overran by twenty plus minutes, but there was a lot to discuss and plenty of valuable information to be learned!

Below is the link to the call recording.  We hope you enjoy!