What Makes You So Special?

What’s Your USP?

What makes you unique?  Why should I choose you and not somebody else?

I only ask because most of the businesses I encounter don’t really know.  When I ask them, “What’s your Unique Selling Point?  Why you?”  They’ll tell me something like:

  • Great customer service
  • Amazing quality
  • Keeping promises
  • Delivering on time

The problem is, these are not USPs.

They are – or should be – a minimum requirement of doing business.

The second problem is: business owners give me a bunch of answers to this questions.  A list of their attributes.

But the thing about a USP is it’s unique.  One feature of what they do, that makes them stand out.

It sounds simple, right?  Yet most people really struggle with this.  Not just finding something that genuinely sets them apart in their industry… but choosing just one thing about their business.

Choosing one thing and one thing only is essential if you don’t want to blend into the sea of sameness.  The best thing about this: you can choose what you want to be known for.

Take the 12 Apostles, for example.  They’re a set of sea stacks off the coast in Victoria, Australia.  They get 1.7 million visitors a year – Victoria is famous for them.  But before 1922, they got almost no visitors.  Back then, they were called the Sow & Piglets, and nobody knew them.

But the Victoria Tourism Board created a story about them, called them the 12 Apostles, and suddenly they’re a must-see landmark when you visit Victoria.

Or how about the Mona Lisa?  It was just another amazing painting in a gallery full of amazing painting, and the Louvre was just another gallery… until the Louvre made a big deal over it, put it behind a screen, and made it The Thing To See when you visit Paris.

Do you see?  You have the power to shape your brand and your business and make it stand out from the sea of companies whose only USP is “great service and a big smile”.

Talk to your best customers, the ones who spend the most with you.  Why do they choose you, really?  You might be surprised at what you find out… Then use it in your marketing.  Talk about it.  And more of those big-spenders will come to you because of it.