Q+A Call Recording: How to Write Your Book (Module 2) with Vicky Fraser, 19th November 2018

What’s the one burning problem you can solve for your customers?

Catch up on today’s discussion with expert book and copy writer, Vicky Fraser as we delved into the key principles you must keep in mind when writing your book and how to go about creating a book that will become a powerful marketing tool for your business.

During the discussion we covered why it is essential you know who your target market is and fully understand the purpose of your book.  We also looked into how you can ‘bait your hook’ effectively and make a connection with your audience through empathy and the power of story so that they buy-in to you.  Vicky also shared how you can defeat your inner critic and overcome the ‘blank page’ syndrome with a fantastic exercise that will have your writing in no time!

Listen to today’s call and find out how you can get inside the head’s of your readers with some quick and easy strategies that you can implement and how you can start writing your very own book today.