Q+A Call: Expert Sales Strategies with Tony Lynch, 10th April

Join us for another riveting Q+A Call with Sales Expert Tony Lynch.

What’s your strategy for growth? 

This week we are joined by UK Business Awards Judge for Customer Centric Experience – Tony Lynch who shares with us some great low cost (and in some cases no cost) strategies that will improve your clients’ buying experience. All that is required is commitment, desire, time and most importantly, action.

Find out why some of your greatest learning and insights will come from customer engagement.  Gone are the days of simply meeting your clients’ needs, you now must meet their wants and most importantly, their desires and the only way to do this is through communication and finding out what they want.

Communicating with your market is the smartest thing you can do.  Peel back the layers of the onion and find out what you market wants utilising open-ended questions.  Sometimes it is the small things that have the big impact.

You didn’t set up your business to be average and simply meet the status-quo, did you? 

Find out how you can set yourself up for success with some top strategies in this week’s Q+A Call with the brilliant Tony Lynch and increase your sales and profit.