Q+A Call: Paradigms – Perception is Reality with Ashley Burgess-Payne, 1st May

You Are 100% Responsible for Everything that Happens.

As human beings we are endowed with a great gift. It is a gift that makes us distinctly human. That is the freedom of choice along with self-awareness. However, as the old saying goes, ‘to whom much is given, much shall be expected’, and our situation is no different.

You see when faced with life’s events we do indeed have a choice.

We are ‘able’ to choose how we ‘respond’ to every situation – Response Able.

Are You a Camera or a Projector?Are You a Camera or a Projector?

Join us in today’s Q+A Call as we sit down with Personal Growth Coach, Ashley Burgess-Payne to find out exactly what we mean by this and the implications it has for your life.