Do You Know Why People Buy From You?

By Vicky Fraser

Author of Business For Superheroes

Do you know why your customers and clients choose you, instead of somebody else?

Because let me tell you something: it has actually very little to do with your product or service.

Don’t misunderstand me: if your product or service is crap, people won’t come back for seconds, and they won’t refer you to anyone else.

But the reason they choose to buy from you in the first place?

It’s you.

The person behind the business.

I heard a stat the other day — I can’t remember where — that business is 90% who you are and 10% what you’re selling. I have no idea if that stat is accurate. It’s probably pretty difficult to measure.

But the idea is correct.

People choose you, not your product.

There’s something most business owners never think about. Something they don’t understand.

Your customers have already chosen your product, long before you came into the picture. Before they’d even seen or heard of you, they were already hungry for what you’re selling.

You don’t need to convince them to buy the Thing.

You need to convince them to buy the Thing from you.

Your customers choose to buy from you because of who you are.

Now consider this: does your marketing reflect who you are? What you stand for? Who you’re trying to sell to?

Are you just shouting to be heard above the noise? Or are you building a business with personality that draws people to you?

Here’s what one of my clients sent to me in an email:

“I was initially drawn to Vicky as she lives in the village my Uncle used to live in (and I used to go and stay there as a kid!) and I liked her style re copywriting (it was refreshing to meet a UK person doing it well, as it seems most of the people I see online are US based). So…. moral of this is never second guess WHY someone might be attracted to do business with you…I bet Vicky would never have thought it would be those reasons 🙂 Just put yourself out there, and be good at what you do…people will choose you for their own reasons!”

The key advice here is: put yourself out there. Let your customers and prospective customers see the real you — who you are, what you do when you’re not at work, what you stand for, what you enjoy.

Stop listening to those who tell you it’s “unprofessional” to put your personality into your marketing and business. Ignore those who tell you to be afraid, who tell you to censor yourself in the name of business.

Instead, work on being more you, and give people a reason to notice you — then choose to buy from you.

Because people choose you, not your product.