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Do You Want To Grow Your Business And Increase Profits?

Gain access to a unique hub of expert information, powerful advice, peer support, and strategies to help you develop the business you deserve.

Running a business can be a lonely experience. Nobody teaches us how to do it at school. There aren’t any blueprints or how-to cheat-sheets. There’s just trial and error and worry and stress – and the occasional wild celebration when you get a win.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a place where you can get access to a wide range of expert information on all aspects of running and growing a business? Plus powerful advice, peer support, and business strategies?

You’re in luck, because that’s what Connectionsb2b is all about. As a member of Connectionsb2b, you get access to our unique online members-only businessgrowth platform. It’s for SMEs and owner-managed businesses who are committed to growth and increasing profits.

An investment in you and your business' growth of £99 + VAT per month gives you access to the interactive website which is the hub where you’ll find top tips, advice, and strategies you can put to work in your business right away. The information and training comes from a team of experts we know personally and work closely with.

Unique Curriculum Courses

This isn’t just searchable information – it’s in-depth teaching and learning brought to you by people we trust and delivered through Connectionsb2b Curriculum Courses.

Course material is available in a variety of formats including audio, video, and written. New content worth thousands of pounds is added each month and you get access to all of it.

Designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the vital areas for business growth and increased profits our 12-month programme covers the following areas.

Financial & Business Management

Most business owners leave the numbers up to their accountants – but the smart and wealthy entrepreneurs have a tight grip on their cash. Course material includes: cashflow management, budgeting and forecasting, strategic planning, pricing and profit maximisation.

Sales & Marketing

We’re all very good at doing the thing we do, but
when it comes to selling the thing we do, many of us struggle. In the Connectionsb2b hub, you’ll find strategies and tips covering business development and networking, digital marketing, writing copy that sells, sales strategies and techniques, and how to position yourself as the expert in your market.

Communication & Personal Development

The most successful business owners are master communicators and never stop learning and developing themselves. So communication and personal development is an integral part of what you’ll get from Connectionsb2b membership.

We cover leadership and team building, mindset and personal growth, and how to make a lasting difference to your local community.

Listen to monthly teleseminars hosted by our experts, download resources, guides, templates, strategies, and videos – and access past teleseminars and webinars stored in the Connectionsb2b vaults.

Membership also includes your attendance fee for all Business Lunch Club networking events hosted by Connectionsb2b with the opportunity to meet other like-minded, success-focused business owners, our 24 page monthly magazine filled with strategies, tips and tools to assist you in growing your business as well as a guest interview with a key figure in the business world, access to the Members’ Forum, plus fantastic opportunities to appear on Connections Radio to share your story and promote your business . For just £99 + VAT per month get inspired and connect with the right people and discover the tools and strategies they use to grow their businesses and increase their profits. Join today at: