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Connections Radio is a new exciting online station targeted to galvanise business communities across the south.

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Connections Radio is the home of business news, expert-led industry content and inspirational interviews, featuring top entrepreneurs, politicians and local business owners. You’ll hear from our business growth and marketing experts, who’ll be sharing their tips on all things business including sales and marketing, business growth, funding, legal and financial issues, and we’ll keep you up to date with the local, national and global issues facing the business world. Whether you’re a business start-up or seasoned entrepreneur, Connections Radio has something for you.

As a Connectionsb2b member, we can provide a platform to help you become a key person of influence within your sector and location, promoting yourself and your business through interviews, sponsorship, and advertising. You’ll be heard alongside top business entrepreneurs, media personalities and politicians, such as broadcaster Katie Derham, Sir Nicholas Soames, Jo Fairley, Katherine Jenkins, Metro Bank founder Vernon Hill and Greg Clarke MP, and we can also support you by producing your podcasts or videos for publication and distribution.

If you would like to find out about becoming a member of Connectionsb2b and accessing this rare benefit, please contact Connectionsb2b at or by calling 01444 228 224.

Christian Simpson -Zero to £1M Live Event -Preview

EVERYTHING you believe about what creates outstanding entrepreneurial success is about to be turned on its head.

We sit down with the World's Leading Coach to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to discuss his exciting and exclusive upcoming event on 26th & 27th June.

For the first (and perhaps only) time in the UK, this is a rare and exclusive opportunity for bold, driven, and determined business owners to discover profoundly potent and proven success principles from one of the Titans of Business Success – Christian Simpson’s Zero to £1 Million Live.

Discover the PROVEN and closely-guarded secrets of the Top 0.1% of elite entrepreneurs in a unique 2-day event with Connectionsb2b Expert and the World’s Leading Coach to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, Christian Simpson.

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Connections Radio interviews Christian Simpson:

Connections Radio's Glen Thompsett and Ashley Burgess-Payne sat down to have a conversation with the leading global expert in the psychology of wealth generation and the world's leading coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and small business owners, Christian Simpson. 

An internationally acclaimed master in the field of professional coaching, Christian has trained, taught and mentored thousands of professional coaches to the highest standard and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners from over 160 countries.

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Marketing Expert Drayton Bird sits down with Connections Radio:

"If doctors knew as little about medicine as marketers do about marketing, half the population would be dead." - Drayton Bird.

Sometimes the obvious is so obvious we can't see it, and it is no different when it comes to marketing.

Recently, Connections Radio had the privilege of interviewing one of the 50 living individuals who has shaped today's marketing and an individual David Ogilvy described as, 'knowing more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world.', none other than Drayton Bird.

In this action packed interview Drayton shares some of his top marketing tips and strategies and emphasises the importance of communicating with your audience and finding out more about them so that you can align your offering with their wants and needs.

If you want to market your business effectively and discover some helpful action points this is the interview for you - These are the small hinges that will swing big doors.