The Key to Unlocking Potential

We all need the confidence to know we’re making good decisions, especially when there is no clear right or wrong answer.

It’s equally important to know the people we work with are making good decisions, too. The secret to good decision making is having good judgement, and our judgement is based on our values – the deeply held beliefs we have about what’s right, wrong or appropriate in any given situation.

Good judgement is vital, for no matter how much experience or expertise you have in a certain area, if you make poor decisions that lead to unsatisfactory actions, then your performance will be compromised. This can ultimately lead to a vicious downward cycle that negatively impacts on mental health and general wellbeing.

Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses around our judgement the key to unlocking our own potential, and that of our team.

When Vicki is working with clients, she often uses a profiling tool called The Judgement Index, which measures capacity for good judgement. However, you don’t need to take the assessment to benefit from an understanding of how values affect decision-making. Anything in this course is designed to be used as stand-alone information.

In this course, Vicki will be exploring key areas such as:

● People skills
● Task processing ability
● Strategic thinking
● Stress
● Problem Solving
● Self Care
● Self-Criticism
● Dealing with change
● Realism and idealism
● Work ethic
● Getting Clear on What’s Important

(Vicki specialises in coaching business owners with Asperger’s Syndrome, and will often refer to this fascinating condition in order to help people recognise if they are affected personally, and also to understand what they can do to help provide a more supportive working environment for people with Asperger’s.)