Meet the team

The team behind Connectionsb2b is made up of experts in business management, development and growth, with strong backgrounds in building and maintaining professional relationships across the industry. Find out more about the team below and how their expertise has encouraged business owners and their organisations to realise their vision and scope for growth.

Teresa Payne
Business Growth Strategist

Nigel Harper
Business Growth Strategist

Ashley Burgess-Payne
Business and Personal Development Coach

Christian Simpson
World's Leading Coach & Mentor To Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Vicky Fraser
Professional Writer

Dom Hodgson

Tony Lynch
Business Coach | Leadership and Sales Trainer

Kevin Whitehouse
Business Transformation Through Coaching and Accountancy 

David Grooms
Technology Expert

Andy Hall
Executive Business Coach
Leadership Development

Glen Thompsett
Radio Presenter & Trainer

Paul Harvey
Networking Coach
Connections Radio