Ashley Burgess-Payne

Ashley Burgess Payne

Ashley Burgess-Payne is a qualified solicitor and Head of Communications for Parfitt Cresswell Solicitors which has eight offices across London, the Thames Valley and the South East of England.

With a BA Hons degree in Primary Education, Ashley worked as a teacher for several years in a Kent based primary school prior to changing career paths and entering the legal profession with Parfitt Cresswell in 2013. It was here that his interest and understanding in marketing, and specifically, Direct Response Marketing, Premium Pricing and Positioning began. Having attended numerous marketing courses and events hosted by marketing experts such as Dan Kennedy and Chris Cardell Ashley has been a part of Jon McCulloch’s marketing programmes for several years and worked closely with Jon himself. Ashley has developed and contributed to several marketing strategies within Parfitt Cresswell over the years, which include both on and offline advertorial and lead generation content. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas for improving a business’ marketing and positioning in order to distinguish themselves positively from their competitors.

Over the last year Ashley has worked closely behind the scenes with the Directors of Connectionsb2b in assisting with the launch (strategy planning, marketing, content creation/implementation). He has also be involved with Connections RADIO, contributing towards the show’s material and interviewing guests such as Vernon Hill (founder of Metrobank) and Nigel Farage.

As a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Ashley is passionate about personal development, growth and the role our mind-set plays in the success we experience. Utilising his training and experience from both JMT and the Mastermind and Mentoring format (which he has been involved in since 2016), Ashley created ‘Think to Succeed’ in 2017; a personal and professional development programme focused on growing and substantially enhancing both business owners, their teams and their businesses.

Through group based, 1:1 sessions and activities Ashley encourages participants to think at a more structured and deeper level to find out and understand more about themselves. By taking the time to stop (something we don’t often do enough of) and think about what it is that really drives us, what makes us tick and why we do what we do, Ashley is able to work together with participants to create a personal and professional development plan to assist in reaching their fullest potential and get them thinking in a more focused, intentional manner. The programme is aimed at encouraging people to highlight their skill-sets and strengths, and identify how these can best be utilised in order to grow and expand themselves and their business. By focusing on developing, enhancing and improving our mind-set it is possible to develop a focused plan with greater clarity for reaching your potential and achieving success.

Think to Succeed is currently being utilised within Parfitt Cresswell to great effect and is an integral part of the business’ continued growth. It has instilled a culture and ethos of accountability and intentionality amongst the team. Importantly, it has raised awareness and effectively communicated the firm’s vision and plans for growth going forward, whilst also instilling the belief in each employee that they too can progress and achieve their ideology of success within the firm through use of personal and professional development plans. All this has resulted in a highly motivated and driven workforce….something that is perfect for the sustained growth of any business!

Ashley is currently based in East Sussex, has a love of all sports, especially his beloved Crystal Palace FC, enjoys going to the gym, running and playing golf. In his spare time he enjoys learning to play the guitar, discovering more about leadership and the power of the mind.