Vicky Fraser

Vicky Fraser

Professional writer.

Semi-professional pole-dancer.
Ran away with the circus. (Really.)

And what does that have to do with business? Everything.
But we’ll come back to that.

First, let me ask you: do you ever wonder what happened to those dreams of a grown-up business running smoothly and pouring cash into your bank account?

Yep: me too.

When I started my business, all I found was bills, stress, and frustration. All the damn time. Because running a business never, ever stops.

Everyone around me seemed to be on the hamster wheel of rage, struggling to keep their heads above water, while I was drowning.

So I thought: there must be a better way.

And I thought: freedom must be out there.

I mean, all the freedom I had back then was the freedom to work in my cow-print pyjamas and eat Skittles for breakfast. (Other inappropriate breakfast foods are available.)

This isn’t one of those About pages where I tell you all about my rags to riches story.

I never had to wear rags, and I don’t have riches. (Or not gold ingots, anyway.)

This isn’t a place where you hear how I sailed merrily through the past few years getting more and more shiny and golden and never once falling flat on my face. (I did plenty of face-planting and learned plenty of lessons.)

This is where you get to hear my ridiculous story and decide if you like the look of me, and whether you’d like to write your own ridiculous story with me giving you a gentle (or not so gentle) kick up the backside.

This is the tale of how I went from feast-and-famine business ownership to published author, professional (but FUN) book coach, and ghostwriter extraordinaire.

And it started when I turned my back on what everyone else was doing, and did something different instead.

It started when I decided to become a bit more bloody interesting and help others to do the same.

Things changed when I decided to Flamingo my business — and help you flamingo yours.

What’s Your Mission?

My Mission, you see, is all about you.

I want to help business owners just like you and me enjoy their lives more. I want to inject a little fun back into business and marketing — because dammit business and marketing should be fun!

I want to help small business owners stand out like a flamingo at a penguin party, because there’s enough boring crap out there and blending in will kill you.

I want to help you worry less and laugh more.

Work as much or as little as you like.

Have time and space for the things you really want to do and see and experience.

I want to help you find the joy in your business and do your thing better, bigger, and more excitingly than ever.

And I can help you do that via the medium of standing out and — perchance — writing your own book. Because you can write your own book.

It’s much easier than it sounds.

And it could change the way you run your business forever.