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Work/Task Ability
Some people are built for thrashing through heaps of tasks every day, and some aren’t. If you put someone in[...]
Understanding your numbers
There’s little doubt that the majority of business owners in the SME sector have little understanding of their accounts. This[...]
Issue 4
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What is Personal Development
Starting at the very beginning we’ll be looking at what Personal Development is and perhaps more importantly, what it is[...]
Problem Solving
The only people who don’t have problems are the ones in the graveyard! Problem solving is part of life and[...]
Digital Accounting – We Start with the End in Mind
In this module I want to fast forward to a place where you have a fantastic accounting helping you find[...]
Persistence is the quality of continuing to be in the action of doing, moving forward our goal, despite the problems[...]
Issue 6
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What Can You Learn from Thinking About Your Values?
Click on the link below to download course material. The Key to Unlocking Your Potential Module 1 - What Can[...]
Big Picture Thinking
Are your eyes on the horizon or firmly fixed on the coal-face? Ideally, they’ll be a bit of both, and[...]
Q+A Call: Strategies for Success Recap with Andy Hall, Tony Lynch & Ashley Burgess-Payne, 10th July 2019
If you enjoyed last week's highly successful Strategies for Success Event in London then you will love the content of[...]
The word "courage" is derived from an old French word whose Latin origin, cor, means heart and spirit. Courage is[...]
Write a Book 4.Writing Nuts & Bolts
Module 4 gets you writing your first draft of chapter 1, and introduces you to images, layout, and how to[...]
Coping with Stress
We all have degrees of stress to deal with in our working and personal lives, and in this module we’ll[...]
Digital Accountancy – Pre-Accounting
Download Module 3 Resource: What the Heck is Pre Accounting.docx