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Work/Task Ability
Some people are built for thrashing through heaps of tasks every day, and some aren’t. If you put someone in[...]
Write a Book – 3.The Writing Process
Module 3 is where you really get motoring: from writing tips to structure to useful tools, you’ll ramp your writing[...]
Write a Book – 1.Getting Started
We’re starting right at the beginning, so you have everything you need to write, publish, and market your book. This[...]
Identifying your Unique Skill Set
So often we look around at others with envy, wishing we could be more like them, “If only I had[...]
Christian Simpson -Zero to £1M
​ EVERYTHING you believe about what creates outstanding entrepreneurial success is about to be turned on its head. We sit down[...]
Digital Accounting – We Start with the End in Mind
In this module I want to fast forward to a place where you have a fantastic accounting helping you find[...]
People Skills
Why do we get on with some people better than others? Usually, it will be because we share a similar[...]
Issue 3
View the latest issue of the ConnectionsB2B magazine.Issue 3: 19-112533-ParfittCresswell Connections Issue 3[tcb-script async="" defer="" src=""][/tcb-script]
Digital Accountancy – Pre-Accounting
Download Module 3 Resource: What the Heck is Pre Accounting.docx
Q+A Call: Strategies for Success Recap with Andy Hall, Tony Lynch & Ashley Burgess-Payne, 10th July 2019
If you enjoyed last week's highly successful Strategies for Success Event in London then you will love the content of[...]
The largest gap in our life is the gap between that which we know and that which we do; the[...]
Problem Solving
The only people who don’t have problems are the ones in the graveyard! Problem solving is part of life and[...]
Focus gives us clarity and concentrates our energy and activity to help us reach and grab our goals. View Module[...]