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Understanding your numbers
There’s little doubt that the majority of business owners in the SME sector have little understanding of their accounts. This[...]
People Skills
Why do we get on with some people better than others? Usually, it will be because we share a similar[...]
Work/Task Ability
Some people are built for thrashing through heaps of tasks every day, and some aren’t. If you put someone in[...]
The word "courage" is derived from an old French word whose Latin origin, cor, means heart and spirit. Courage is[...]
Digital Accounting – We Start with the End in Mind
In this module I want to fast forward to a place where you have a fantastic accounting helping you find[...]
Big Picture Thinking
Are your eyes on the horizon or firmly fixed on the coal-face? Ideally, they’ll be a bit of both, and[...]
Write a Book – 5.Creating Your Book
In Module 5, you’ll start putting your manuscript together ready for print and thinking about the physical aspects of your[...]
Digital Accountancy – Pre-Accounting
Download Module 3 Resource: What the Heck is Pre Accounting.docx
Persistence is the quality of continuing to be in the action of doing, moving forward our goal, despite the problems[...]
How to recognise your customer buying style, enabling you to close more sales
Coping with Stress
We all have degrees of stress to deal with in our working and personal lives, and in this module we’ll[...]
Write a Book – 2.Writing Your Outline
Module 2 is all about planning – doing what you need to do before you start the real writing, to[...]
How to Create Your Own Media with Dom Hodgson
Join Cb2b Business Mentor, Dom Hodgson and discover how to create a neat, novel, noteworthy newsletter that wows your tribe,[...]
Write a Book – 6.All About E-Books
In Module 6, we go beyond traditional tree-based books and into the murky realm of e-books. I’ll demurk it for[...]
Write a Book – 3.The Writing Process
Module 3 is where you really get motoring: from writing tips to structure to useful tools, you’ll ramp your writing[...]
What is Personal Development
Starting at the very beginning we’ll be looking at what Personal Development is and perhaps more importantly, what it is[...]
What Can You Learn from Thinking About Your Values?
Click on the link below to download course material. The Key to Unlocking Your Potential Module 1 - What Can[...]