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Teresa Payne

​Hello, my name is Teresa Payne. Firstly, I want to thank you for visiting our web site. My team and I are here to help.

Connections B2B is a unique business communications and growth platform, dedicated to helping business owners interact with the local business community, become key influences within their sector and reach their full potential.

We want to assist you in achieving a business that is profitable in income and has capital value, supporting the implementation of business growth, marketing, finance, legal and personal development strategies. Using real life analysis, strategies and experiences from our very own entrepreneurial team members, we share with you the methods utilised by the top 1% of business owners, the same strategies that have helped us grow our own businesses and increase profits significantly.

Going far beyond traditional networking practices, our entire business network is based on a foundation of support, from the ways that we can help you grow your business ideas to the inspiration and knowledge you will share and receive from our community.


Are you ready to take control of your business?

Do you want to grow your business and plan for the future?

If that’s the case then you need to know your numbers! Without this cash flow can quickly become a problem and in the worst case scenario you may just find that your money pot dries up completely. Many an enthusiastic business owner has found themselves in a sticky financial situation because they didn’t know their numbers inside out.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Our finance courses and material is the key to grasping the numbers of your business and putting yourself in a position to plan for the future and grow your business in a scalable and sustainable way.

Connectionsb2b has packaged together the strategies, experiences and hard earned lessons from our experts. The very same strategies and techniques used to grow their businesses.

For many business owners the thought of accounts and ledger spreadsheets can cause them to glaze over and find any other item on the agenda to focus on. However, if you don’t know your numbers or what your accountant/accounts department is doing you do not have a solid foundation on which to grow your business. Knowing your numbers is your first port of call – are you in a positon to invest in your business and create growth?

Using our techniques, strategies and software you and your business can take back control of your numbers and confidently deal with the side of business not many entrepreneurs like to address.

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Sales and Marketing

Learn more about marketing and discover the proven strategies that will both enhance your marketing prowess and increase your return on investment. Discover the tips that will help raise your brand awareness and recognition amongst your potential clients and learn about the techniques that will raise both your enquiries and conversion rate. See how you can effectively position yourself and your business to become the ‘go to person’ in your sector and ultimately help you grow your business.

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Leadership & Personal Development

You run your own business, BUT are you a leader?

Find out how to improve your leadership and reach your full potential, both personally and professionally with our top tips and strategies taken from leading experts around the globe to assist you in leading yourself, your team and your business into the future you want to create.

Make use of our online courses, articles, webinars, podcasts and help-sheets to truly master leadership and improve how you lead your business, your people and yourself.

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To find out more about  Connectionsb2b
simply contact us on
01444 228224
or email: info@connectionsb2b.co.uk

Neil McAdam

McAdams Petfood

A fantastic new venture to have the opportunity for businesses to share information, to come together, to network and to be able to come together and have a platform like this is something that is completely unique.

Greg Clark MP

Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

I’ve just enjoyed an interview with Connections Radio which is offering a fantastic source of information to the business community and I wish it very well for the future.

Rupert Toovey

Toovey's Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers

There is nothing on earth which can beat people standing together and getting to know one another and Connections Radio, how wonderful to be able to connect with people of similar aspirations and mind. I love it!

Vernon Hill

Founder & Director of Metro Bank

Connectionsb2b – another tool that entrepreneurs should use to build their business.  We often say to each of you - be all you can be, and the future is unlimited.

Gianni Campopiano

Foundation Financial Planning 

“What an innovative, exciting idea it is to have this kind of medium. It’s a great way of talking about you and your business, something that I would really recommend.

Clare Jones

Bright Light Film

Connectionsb2b adds value to my business and I feel that I learn something every time I listen to Connections Radio.

Nick Moore

Group Commercial Director,  Markerstudy Leisure

I just want to wish all the best to Connections Radio, I think it’s a great idea and will fill a fantastic niche in the market giving some good business support and advice to businesses of all ages.

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